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The company

Eimskip at a Glance

Eimskip traces its roots back to January 17th, 1914, when it was established with the backing of approximately 15,000 shareholders, reflecting nearly 17% of Iceland’s population at the time. 

The Company has been a niche player in North Atlantic transportation for over 100 years, specializing in shipping, logistics, and supply chain management.

Over the years, Eimskip has built up a network of offices and associates linked to the Company´s shipping network, facilitating the provision of comprehensive logistics services on a global scale. Its main business segments are liner services in the North Atlantic and international forwarding services. The liner services include ocean transport, terminal operations, chilled and cold storage facilities, warehousing, trucking and distribution, airfreight services, and agency services. The forwarding services include worldwide freight forwarding services for reefer and dry cargo in cooperation with the Company’s offices, its worldwide network of associates, and international deep-sea lines.

Eimskip offers its customers sea, land, and air solutions, with a special emphasis on handling and storing all types of temperature-controlled cargo. Principal cargo includes frozen, salted, fresh fish, aluminum, and a wide range of general goods, from heavy machinery to fruit and vegetables.

As a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq Iceland, Eimskip upholds principles of transparency and accountability. The Company operates 56 offices across 20 countries on four continents and a workforce of around 1,700 employees. Eimskip operates a fleet of 16 vessels sailing different routes in the North Atlantic.

Mission, vision and values

Eimskip’s vision serves as the Company´s guiding compass, aiming to provide excellence in transportation solutions and services, setting the industry’s standard for reliability and innovation. Its mission is to be a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic, providing container and reefer liner services with connections to international markets and specializing in worldwide freight forwarding services with a focus on frozen and chilled commodities. The values of achievement, cooperation, and trust stand as the cultural pillars of Eimskip, guiding its actions and decisions. 

Strategic Focus

Eimskip offers holistic transportation services and door-to-door solutions to its customers, with a niche focus on transportation of frozen and chilled commodities. Eimskip is well positioned as a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic providing container and reefer liner services and worldwide freight forwarding services. 

There is a general consumer trend towards increased consumption of fresh and chilled products such as seafood, farmed fish, fruits, and vegetables. There is also a growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation solutions, which Eimskip meets by offering reliable and competitive liner services and value-added ancillary services such as efficient land transportation, warehousing, and cold storage operations in key locations. For North Atlantic islands like Iceland and the Faroe Islands, ocean shipping is the most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods. Eimskip is therefore in a very competitive position, with its large vessels and vast capacity, and is well suited to provide transportation with the least carbon footprint. Eimskip’s strategic approach in the Trans-Atlantic services has proven successful, and the Company will continue active product development in that space. 

In recent years, the Company has taken meaningful steps to simplify its operational structure, shorten lines of communication, and increase the flow of information to all stakeholders. This has offered employees added strategic direction and the Company will continue to leverage its holistic logistic service offerings and strong infrastructure as well as proactive customer engagement and communication to create value for all stakeholders. Furthermore, the Company will continue to develop its product portfolio with emphasis on reefer logistics and other emerging trends in the North-Atlantic market region.

Eimskip places great emphasis on sustainability, which is a core theme in the development of the Company’s operations and services. The Company published its new ambitious sustainability targets in 2023 which cover environmental, social and governance aspects of the operation.  On the environmental frontier, the Company has set a progressive target of reaching net zero before 2040. Given that the Company’s vessels account for 96% of the Company’s CO2 emissions, it is clear that a energy transition is needed to reach that goal. In 2024, Eimskip aims to finalize its strategy for next generation container vessels and take meaningful steps in a vessel newbuilding project,  focusing on vessels that are designed to run for alternative fuel.
Over the last few years, Eimskip has been investing in digital platforms to support customer service as well as working on the implementation of new core systems for sales and operations, both in the liner and forwarding operation. Furthermore, the company has implemented a modern container management system, solutions that enhance financial reporting, planning and analysis, and in 2023 the Company introduced a new digital learning platform for employees. The Company will continue its digital journey to ensure excellent customer service, optimize operational efficiency and attract and retain talented employees.

Great emphasis has been on training and educating employees, and the new learning management system allows increased accessibility and a modern way of training. Leadership training, employee development, and succession planning all play a vital part in ensuring that the Company has a pool of diverse leaders who are ready to take on new roles and responsibilities at any given time. The focus will remain on supporting employee wellness and increasing retention with various measures. Last but not least, the Company will continue to enhance and improve work environment across the operations. 

Management’s attention and focus continues on the profitability of the core business and maintaining cost savings from past years’ streamlining measures with proactive cost control and focus on operational efficiency across the group.

Finally, the management will explore opportunities to develop and support further growth in strategic locations and areas.

Customer Service

Eimskip is renowned for its excellent service. The Company has a broad customer base and provides various solutions to meet diverse service requirements. A global team with local expertise provides customers with holistic services designed specifically for their needs.  

The Company has a Global Service Policy. The policy aims to align the service approach, goal setting, and measurements between different units within Eimskip to ensure that the Company is offering excellent customer service. The Global Service Policy contains three pillars: Global Team, Proactive, and Simplify. Eimskip sends out a Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer survey each year to measure and monitor customer satisfaction for customers globally. Eimskip’s NPS continues to be strong at 29,2, reflecting the strong satisfaction and loyalty of its customer base. 

Eimskip is continuously working on ways to further improve customer service and will, in the first quarter of 2024, implement important changes to the container sailing system to further increase the service level and reliability as well as lowering CO2 emissions, which is increasingly important to customers. 

The digitalization and automation of processes are key elements in the continued development of Eimskip’s services. The Company continues to adapt to customers’ needs in a fast-changing technical environment where elements of self-service are increasingly important. A strong focus on information technology, and potential synergies between systems and teams, is playing a vital role in Eimskip’s proactive commitment to service excellence. 

Eimskip continues to strategically invest in technology platforms to better support customer service. This includes Microsoft Customer Engagement solution, new systems for liner and forwarding operation, container management system, global financial reporting, new improved web, and planning platform and more.

organization and key executive management team

The Company’s structure is divided into three business divisions, an operations division and three support divisions. The heads of the respective divisions plus the General Counsel form the Executive Management Team with the CEO.


VILHELM MÁR THORSTEINSSON, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), was born in 1971. He was appointed CEO in January 2019. Prior to his current role at Eimskip, he held various positions at Íslandsbanki for 20 years, most recently as Managing Director of Corporate & Investment Banking (2017-2019) and Managing Director of Corporate Banking (2008-2017). Vilhelm furthermore has a background in both treasury and capital markets activities. He is a Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce in Iceland and a Board Member of various subsidiaries of Eimskipafélag Íslands hf. 

Vilhelm earned an MBA Degree from Pace University in New York; a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration, Majoring in Logistics, from Reykjavík University; and is a licensed Securities broker.


BJÖRN EINARSSON, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Management (EVP), was born in 1969. He was appointed as EVP following organizational changes made in February 2020. Björn has worked for Eimskip and subsidiaries for 14 years, in roles which include Managing Director of Eimskip in Europe, based in the Netherlands. For the past ten years he has been the Managing Director of TVG-Zimsen, and he is currently Chairman of the Board of TVG-Zimsen and its subsidiaries Gára and Skipakostur. He is also a Board Member of Eimskip Greenland and of the travel company Discover Truenorth.

Björn holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Iceland.


BRAGI THÓR MARINÓSSON, Executive Vice President of International Operations (EVP), was born in 1965. Bragi started working for Eimskip in 1993 and has held his current position since 2008. Previously, he was EVP North Atlantic Operations (2006-2008) and International Operations (2004-2006). Bragi’s other roles with the Company include Managing Director of Eimskip Nederland B.V. (1999-2004), Senior Manager of the International Department (1997-1999) and Quality Manager (1995-1997). He was also a representative in the International Department from 1993-1995. Based in the Netherlands since June 2016, he is currently a Board Member of various Eimskip group subsidiaries.

Bragi received an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1993 and a C.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iceland in 1991.


BÖDVAR ÖRN KRISTINSSON,  Executive Vice President of Iceland Domestic Operations (EVP), was born in 1970. He was appointed EVP in October 2021. Bödvar Örn started working for Eimskip in 2004 in projects related to Iceland domestic transport e.g. in sales and as operations manager. He hold a position as a senior manager of the Iceland Land Transport division until he was appoined EVP in 2021. Böðvar Örn left the Executive Management in November 2023.

Bödvar holds a B.Sc. degree in business from Bifrost University and a M.Sc. in transportation economics and logistics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


DAVÍD INGI JÓNSSON, General Counsel and Compliance Officer, was born in 1981. He has worked for Eimskip since 2009, initially as a Senior Legal Counsel prior to being appointed to his current role. Before joining Eimskip, Davíd was a Legal Counsel at Íslandsbanki and an intern at Lögmenn Borgartúni 18 legal services.

Davíd earned an MBA degree from Reykjavik University in 2018; an M.L. degree in Law in 2007 and a B.A. degree in Law in 2005 from Reykjavík University. He is a member of the Icelandic Bar Association.


EDDA RUT BJÖRNSDÓTTIR, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Communication (EVP), was born in 1980. Joining Eimskip in 2019 as Head of Marketing and Communication, she was appointed to her current role in early 2020. Edda has over 20 years’ wide-ranging experience, having worked extensively in the IT sector and for 12 years in the financial sector. At Íslandsbanki, her various roles included Executive Director of Customer Relationship Management and Sales in the bank's Corporate and Investment Banking division. 

Edda is the vice chairman of The Federation of Trade & Services in Iceland (SVÞ) and a board member and a member of the executive committee of The Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise (SA). 

Edda has a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Computer Science from Reykjavík University.


Chief Information Officer (CIO) and head of Business Process Management and IT, was born in 1971. He has worked for Eimskip since 2017 and in his current role since 2018. For over 10 years he held various management positions related to IT at Arion Banki. Head of IT Operations from 2006 to 2011 and head of Software Development responsible for online banking, APP development, and CRM development from 2011 to 2017.

Hilmar received a Cand.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iceland in 1997.


HILMAR PÉTUR VALGARDSSON, Chief Operational Officer, was born in 1973. He has worked for Eimskip since 1999 and has held the current position since January 2019. From 2009 to 2019, he was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and CFO of HF. Eimskipafélag Íslands, from 2008 to 2009. He was CFO of Containerships Ltd. OY in Finland from 2006 to 2008 and Senior Manager of Eimskip’s Financial Control Department from 2004 to 2006. Hilmar is currently a Board Member and Managing Director of various subsidiaries of Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.

Hilmar received a Cand. Oecon. degree from the University of Iceland in 1999.


MARÍA BJÖRK EINARSDÓTTIR, Chief Financial Officer, was born in 1989. She was appointed as CFO in September 2021. She was Managing Director of Alma íbúðafélag (previously Almenna leigufélagið), one of the largest real estate companies in Iceland, which she has led from its foundation seven years ago. Prior to that she worked in the financial sector where she focused on alternative investments, with emphasis on real estate investments and financing. 

María Björk has a B.Sc. degree in Engineering Management, majoring in finance, from Reykjavík University and she is a licensed Securities broker.


Eimskip employs approximately 1,700 individuals across four continents and spanning 20 countries, bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the workplace. The employees are key to the Company’s spirit, embodying its core values of achievement, cooperation, and trust. These are guiding principles in the Company´s operations and decision-making processes, shaping the workplace culture and external reputation. Each team member contributes unique talents, ideas, and viewpoints, fostering an environment of creativity and innovation within the organization. Their collective energy and positive demeanor cultivate a dynamic workplace characterized by collaboration, effective communication, and a drive for excellence.

The Company is committed to promoting a positive and inclusive work environment where every employee feels valued and respected. 

Eimskip’s employee rights and welfare policies, including the Employee Code of Conduct and Equal Opportunities Policy, underscore the Company’s commitment to upholding human rights and providing a safe and supportive workplace.

Employee engagement and satisfaction are top priorities at Eimskip, which the Company regularly seeks feedback on through annual engagement surveys. These surveys are invaluable tools for measuring employee experiences and perceptions, guiding organizational efforts to enhance employee well-being and foster a culture of growth and development. 

Eimskip’s commitment to continuous learning and growth extends to leadership development, regular on-site learning events, and digital learning platforms, providing easy access to learning and ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate today’s dynamic business landscape. Moreover, employees are supported in continuing their education and learning by attending outside seminars or degree programs and obtaining professional certifications facilitated through educational grants and scholarships provided by the Company.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles at Eimskip, creating a sense of belonging for every individual. The Company actively seeks to promote gender diversity and equality and to ensure women have a voice at all organizational levels, facilitating dynamic conversations and broad perspectives. Initiatives such as the succession planning process and the International Leadership Program cultivate a diverse pool of current and prospective leaders and provide avenues for individuals to excel in their roles and advance their careers. Both provide powerful tools driving diversity and gender equality across the Company.

In 2023, Eimskip prioritized employee growth and development with targeted initiatives aimed at professional advancement and personal growth. The Company offered comprehensive opportunities for skill enhancement and career progression. This included specialized training for managers to better support their teams’ development, safety training, organized workshops, training sessions, and seminars throughout the year focused on fostering individual growth and empowering employees to reach their full potential. 

In tandem with its learning initiatives, Eimskip revamped its Employee Check-ins in 2023, introducing a streamlined tool to facilitate more effective communication between managers and employees. This enhanced approach empowers managers to identify opportunities for skill enhancement and professional development while fostering relationships and trust. Additionally, the check-ins provide a platform for two-way feedback, enabling employees to voice concerns, share achievements, and collaborate with managers to set actionable goals. By simplifying regular check-ins, Eimskip underscores its commitment to employee growth and a culture of continuous improvement.